Hi, I'm Kimberly

Body-Mind Therapist

It is very clear that stress and trauma create barriers to optimal health.

If a dysregulated nervous system from stress or trauma is at the root of your symptoms, you are unlikely to fully recover until you un-wind and re-wire your system. Helping people to take charge of their health is my passion.

When you connect the dots between your mental stress, emotional struggles, and physical symptoms, you become empowered to make real and lasting change.

I will work with you and personalize a protocol designed for your individual needs and goals, and support you along the way.

Most importantly, I will teach you how to ignite your inner healing mechanism, so you can achieve optimal health.

About me

“Healing happens in relationship.”

I get most excited about being with people during transitions and transformation. My career started in 1994 as a Massage Therapist working with terminal cancer patients and people in hospice. It was a real honor being with patients and their families during the death and dying process. Although I loved that work I shifted from death to birth and became a Doula and a trained as a Midwife. I loved every second of that until I gave birth to my own child. I decided that I couldn’t manage the schedule of a midwife and be with my newborn son. So I left that profession and switched my focus to Functional Nutrition Therapy. I spent the next decade helping people to heal with food, herbs, and supplements.

Then unexpectedly I had my own medical crisis. I was not getting better with diet, herbs, and supplements alone. In fact, I didn’t make any real progress until I realized that toxic stress and past trauma was at the root of my illness. Once I learned how to release the past trauma out of my system with somatic (body-based) therapy I was able to recover completely.

My own healing journey inspired me to specialize in Somatic Trauma Recovery. Now my focus is on working with people who are ready to transform their health (mental and/or physical) and create a life they love.

In 2016 I was introduced to a healing modality called Transpersonal Energy Healing. I completed a certification in this amazing process and soon after I partnered with the founder of this method, Laura Fine. Together we built a program to train coaches, healers and practitioners in the Transpersonal Energy Healing System. In 2023 Laura passed away and I have done my best to keep our original mission of alive through my new company Somagetics and coaching program called the Trauma Energetics Coach Certification Program. For more information go to the Somagetics website here - www.somagetics.net.

I believe in the amazing healing potential of the human body and I am passionate about teaching people how to ignite their own inner healer. I want to be with you during the process. I will guide you and support you along the way. I will hold the vision for you when you’re not feeling capable. I will help you to create a roadmap toward your goals and keep you accountable to the tasks that will get you to your destination. I will help you to find your way back to yourself.

My Credentials and Training:

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Certified Trauma Touch Therapy™

Certified in Trauma Dynamics™

Certified Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner

Other Body Work and Somatic Education include:

Body-Centered Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Pre-Natal Massage, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch

Other Functional Nutrition Education include:

Insulin Resistance Solution Practitioner Training, Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System, Practitioners Adrenal Fatigue Training, HPAT (Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Thyroid) Axis Training, and SIBO: Evidence-Based, Functional Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment to Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth